Color Me Old

You know that broad in the grocery store who’s pushing 45 but she’s still sporting the same maroon hair color that she loved when she was 25? Or the obviously ex-punk rock mom wandering through Ikea, looking for new throw pillows and rocking bright purple hair with inch long roots?

I don’t want to be that woman.

Although if I had the money, I would laser the shit out of my face and get a boob job, I’m still a fan of aging gracefully and appropriately. Much like there’s a certain point in a woman’s life when she needs to pack away her tube tops (no matter how hot she still is), there is a point when bright green hair is not as flattering as it once was.

That said….I really want fun hair again.

After spending my youth with either bright red or pink hair or a shaved head, I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years trying to grow my hair into magical princess hair. Alas, I keep bleaching it then coloring it black again and again and again.

Not many women go from this:

To this:

In a few months.

 Now, because of all that crazy blonde and black with extensions, I had to chop it off and start fresh. And I HATE IT!!!

My gorgeous and girl crush worthy hair stylist (that saucy redhead above) talked me into a bob. It’s an adorable cut. But now I have a brown haired bob. I feel so terribly…blah.

So of course I start considering coloring it maroon.

And there I am, that cringe worthy middle aged lady at the grocery store buying the gluten free waffle mix with my beacon of unnatural red hair.

Obviously, I’m not that old yet. But as I’ve inched my way into my 30’s (32! FUCK!) I realize that while still youthful looking, no one is going to mistake me for a 24 year old anymore.


How does a woman still have interesting, fun hair without becoming that broad that the 18 year olds are laughing at? Can I still have light pink ends? Deep blood red hair? Shave one side?

Portland is a city that is a city bursting with a rainbow of hair color. Blue, purple, orange and even an elfy looking girls with silver dreads. This is a city that allows you to get away with a lot.

I just need to figure out what I want to try to get away with this time.


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