We Shall Take Over The World…

….One bitchy tweet at a time.

Cheap Wine and Pantylines twitter! Go follow. Right now.

I leave you with this mail order Russian bride giving us some hipster ducklips and wearing a top from Wet Seal circa 2001.

5 responses to “We Shall Take Over The World…

  1. Lou

    I own that top. I think everyone in Portland owns that top.

    • Sweet Bird

      I don’t own that top. Was someone supposed to give me one when we arrived in town? Like a slutty tank top ambassador?

      • Lou

        Jesus. I was obviously talking about the flannel! Can you imagine me in that tank top? I’d barf all over myself.

      • Sweet Bird

        I honestly thought you were talking about the tank top. I was having some serious doubts about our friendship.

  2. Lou

    ….because it’s so ugly. Not because of the Jameson. My brother got ridiculed the other night for pulling out some Protestant Bushmills. Pretty safe to say I’m solid where whiskey is concerned.

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