Let us teach you the ways of bikinis….

It will be summer here…someday. Therefore it’s time for us to do another bathing suit post. Lou posted a hot suit on our FB page the other day that reminded me. But then I saw this and I knew it was an emergency.


Obviously, if women are strutting onto beaches in get-ups like this then Lou and I need to educate the masses on what’s acceptable to shove your lady parts into and what is not. That 80’s slutty batman swimsuit could rule at a costume party but it’s not meant for sunlight and sand.

Stay tuned for a post on great bikinis for the season. We’ll even throw in some unusual ones if you wanna be the kooky girl at the river this year.

Just don’t wear this:



2 responses to “Let us teach you the ways of bikinis….

  1. Lou

    I went to try on that adorable bikini last night and fuck them because it’s a boutique and I couldn’t buy a small top and a medium body, which is pretty much what my body requires. Damnit! The search for the perfect suit continues.

    • Sweet Bird

      I’m right there with you. That’s why Target bikinis are so easy, mix and match sizes. The last time I bought a suit it was from PacSun and I paid $80 but the bottoms are REAL small. Top fits great though.

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