Happy Friday! Enjoy some random shit

I’ve been talking about posting for awhile now and I’m SORRY if I SUCK at being productive. I’m staring at a mountain of work, but it’s Friday and sunny and all my brain is thinking is drinks! Happy Hour! Whee!

So, mind if it’s a bit random?

I just looked on my phone to see what Amber’s (Hi Amber!) great ideas were for the blog. And what I drunkenly agreed were insanely spectacular:

  • 90’s fashion comebacks. What did I do then that I am doing again. I’ll give you a hint:


I actually really want to write this post, but it’s going to require some scanning of photos. My lord. You will love it. Junior high Lucy was … interesting. I also want to know what YOU did in the 90’s that you find yourself doing again. And, of course, I will make assumptions about strangers and judge them for it. Obviously. And only 2:23 pm? Stupid work day.

  • Second idea was park lyfe Do’s and Don’ts.

For the last couple of years, I’ve spent a sizable chunk of summer days sitting at Col. Summers park. Haven’t we all, amirite Portland? It’s full of fuckin weirdos. And bike nerds, hippies, children, dogs, druggies, bums, etc, etc. I couldn’t find a picture that did it justice, but here’s a pretty pic I took there the other day:


Widmer? Those hipsters be fancy!

Anyway, since I always end up buzzed there anyway, the plan is to one day get my ass up off my park blanket and take some pics of weirdos and then tell you if it’s a park lyfe do or a park lyfe don’t. Dude. It’s going to be super fun.

And my last topic…..

  • growing out your hair and what a bitch that is.

Pretttttty sure this was just me being drunk and frustrated with my hair. But it is true, no? For those of you that have experienced it? I keep seeing these super bangin ponytails, which give me serious hair envy. As it is, I wear my hair in a bun almost every single day. Over it. Here’s another park picture to illustrate. This has been my hair for like, ever.


So yeah, … I guess, that’s the end of that topic. Grow you son of a bitch, grow!

I will leave you with this. A bit of Friday steez….first, Ashley Olsen.


Second? Me!


Yup. And you better believe my top buttons be coming un-buttoned too just as soon as I leave work. 

So yeah, I know, random post, but I wrote it, didn’t I? Stop being so picky. I really will get on that 90’s post asap and have it up for your reading enjoyment in no time.

xoxo, Lou

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