Site Update

The rumors are true. Wait…. there are no rumors? Ok, well, then…you’re hearing it here first. The site is undergoing a bit of a change. SweetBird will be taking a hiatus to get her Portland feet firmly planted. But luckily I come equipped with an arsenal of incredibly talented guest bloggers and photographers to help me maintain the site to bring you only the snarkiest and most entertaining fashion and lifestyle writing from this here city we call home. On the docket:

  • My lovely and talented, wordsmith extraordinaire rooomate Nikki is working on an article for you abour her quest for fake love in Portland. Check her out here: She’s adorable.

Me and Nik

  • Red hair saga posts. I found this pic of this babe on tumblr and instantly fell in love with her hair. After donning a red wig for Halloween, I thought, why not?! However, I’m currently trying to grow it out. But screw it…I’m gonna start the process now anyway. First appointment to get these bangin copper highlights? Thursday June 7.
  • Remember that babe-a-rella Jordan from my 90’s post? Well she and I are going thrift store shopping. Shopping on a budget! Hooray? Can’t wait to show you what we find.
  • For all the ladies out there. My sister does not have a foul mouth like I do, in fact, she’s quite a lady, but she’s an excellent writer and she wants to tell you about style on a budget too. The difference being, she has very different fashion sense than me  and is far less crass. Like what you read? She has her own blog over at

She’s a lady.

  • I have super superior photographer friends. Like, ridiculously talented. We’re cookin up some original shoots for you.
  • I also have a ridiculously talented graphic designer friend. He’s gonna help make the blog look extra purdy.

And then, a whole bunch of misc crap. The same old foul-mouthed, semi fashion-related articles you’ve come to know and love. Just wanted to give you a heads up while also getting you excited for what’s to come!



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