Get Fit. Stay Drunk.

Drink while you eat and eat while you drink.

Save your calories for alcohol.

… these are things I’m used to hearing from my incredibly fun, loving, amazing, vain as f*ck, Irish family/family members.

And then… all these posts from So0o Bro and yet I’m still just as lazy as ever. But that’s all about to change because this week, starting tomorrow, marks the beginning of my efforts to become a healthier human being, while still continuing to get drunk and make fun of fashion.

I don’t want to become militant about my fitness, a la So0o Bro, but I do want to get fit and feel good and prolong my youthful looks as long as possible. One problem is, I really, really love to drink and I live in a city where there are a ton of ridiculously good looking, fun, and fashionable people to join in my boozy shenanigans. I don’t want to give this up. I won’t give this up. I really love my life. Which is why I want to take measures to make it last a little while longer.

Exercise? It hit a peak in my life when I dated a professional baseball player, which consequently made me feel like I had to have an equally athletic body … which, yeah, of course never really happened, but it was a great effort let me tell you.

Now. I live in this cycle. I’ll “accidentally” go out and get really drunk and then I’ll wake up and go to work at a job I really like except that it more or less forces me to sit at a desk in an office all day and the only think that makes me feel less like dying from a hangover is shit tons of greasy pizza.

I don’t want to by a gym rat, but I also don’t want to stay a booze hound. I need to find a nice balance. I’ve always been better at regulating diet than I have been at regulating my alcohol intake. I blame my family. Just look at the pictures below, as I prepare healthy lunches for the week following a 3-mimosa breakfast and cracking open a PBR tallboy:

Food in my kitchen right now. Pretty good right??

Alcohol options in my kitchen right now. Also pretty good, no??

I really appreciate So0o Bro’s newfound enthusiasm for getting buff, but come on, I think at the end of the day what I need to be…what we all need to be…is realistic. I tell myself I’m going to get fit! This week! Starting tomorrow! And it doesn’t happen. Cause guess what? It isn’t realistic. I love to go out with my friends and I love to drink. I love to drink and judge fashion and gossip and write this blog.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am REALLY good at socializing and drinking. And it’s my nature to latch on to anything I’m good at:

I like to drink and do a lot of stuff. But I don’t love to drink and go to the gym. Weird, right? But, I am ready to find a way to make some time for it and slowly start to tweak my habits cause let’s face it, I’m not going to be young forever.

I have to work a little harder for that flat tummy, which, btw, at 28 I no longer have. I have to prepare for the days that an occasional cigarette turns into instant crows lines by my eyes. I need to start thinking about yeah, maybe having a brat some day, and the highlights of my night being a child asleep by 9 and not a rowdy bar fight and a top my tits look great in. It’s time. It’s been time for awhile. But now’s the time I really put it out in the universe and make it happen. I hope.

By doing it slowly. By not giving up on alcohol and friends and life as I know it. I need the gym to sneak attack into my life.

Starting with the lunches you saw above .. and the booze you saw above too.

3 nights at the gym this week.

A doctor’s appointment this week.

AND a trip to get my teeth cleaned.

Clean Slate.

It’s mother fucking health week. If I can make my ass look better with a little exercise and some veggies in my body, think how great I’ll feel in clothes. And then I can keep drinking whatever I want and coming on here to write all about it! That idea alone has me pumped. File this under … Health Experiement. Get Fit. Stay Drunk.

xoxo, Lou

2 responses to “Get Fit. Stay Drunk.

  1. We are so clearly related…. I sit here leaving this comment after deciding to drink wine instead of working out, but I blame in on Father’s Day because clearly I had to meet dad at the Skype Bar, so… there you have it. BUT. I am also intent on working out several days this week, beyond my really brief bike commute. Personally I’m going for a little Starbuck inspiration: I may even workout While watching Battlestar Galactica. Buffy was always a great motivator – 45 minutes of weights, jump rope, and being entertained! Seems that badass buff little blondes really get my ass in gear. For now, toasting you with my third glass of chardonnay…. xoxo

  2. Adrienne

    Walk to the bar. Walk home. Problem solved.

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