Girl Crushes and Freebie Fives

My fella and I watched Wedding Crashers the other night and when he saw Rachel McAdams, he immediately let out a “who is that?”, which means he thinks she’s a babe, and in this case, I totally approve. My favorite gossip blogger has what she calls a “Freebie Five” and I’ve always loved the idea. These are the five, usually super unattainable people, that you are totally allowed to have sex with should the opportunity arise.

The reason I love this idea so much is that when I am first dating a dude, asking who is on his Freebie Five will more than likely tell me if I want to let him stick his penis in me. Victoria Secret’s models? Megan Fox? Jessica Simpson??? I mean, I just like when a guy picks ladies that I would pick…ya know? Or ladies who I can say, ok, I can see me fitting in there….somehow.

Throw me Marion Cotillard. Throw me … Emma Stone. Shit..fine, throw me Megan Fox. (although my gossip blogger also has a thing called Top Shame Fucks, so you know, you have options). But anyway, back to the point, Rachel McAdams, style profiling. Cause this woman … I’m tempted to call her a girl, maybe a Mean Girl, hahaha … get it? Well anyway, she is a babe. And here are the pics to prove it, or not, depending on how my red wine makes me feel.

Here’s my thing about RM. She looks like a girl from high school, right? But WAY better. Way unassuming. She’s just so damn cute. And hot. All at the same time. And I’m not usually partial to blondes of either sex, but she does it for me as a blonde. My dude liked her as a dark, dark brunette. I’d hit that too.

I’ll take it because I feel like that’s what I look like at most weddings…wine in hand. I actually once got hit on at a wedding when some dude said my “spirit” reminded him of Rachel McAdams character in “Wedding Crashers”. Dude. Whatever. I was drunk…That don’t mean I’m easy. Let’s look at this babe’s fashion.

Gawwwwd I want this dress. We all know (don’t we?) that I love anything backless. And well, shit. The bow. The beading. I would wear this on 1 million red carpets. I adore everything about everything here.

Here’s the front (ish). I really just want us all to remember when she dated Ryan Gosling. I’d totally perv out on these two.

I bet he’s on your Freebie Five, huh? Huh???

Thing is, much as I love her face, I realize I am not so into this bitch’s style:

(so0ooBro…how do I get a back like this?)

Yes. I like the backless aspect on her holy hot back. But  no! In actuality, this shit is hideous.


You look silly. Why are you posing like that? Stop!

Too short. Horrible fucking pattern. Great legs. And I love that she dabbled in pink hair. Cute!

When she is styled for photo shoots, she actually does ok.

That face is fucking SICK. Also always been a fan of nylons like that.

Oh hai! How cute are you here?

I guess we should probably just stick to magazines and face shots. Although I think her street style is super cute too ….

Haha ok nevermind. I just searched a wee bit and I think I hate her style all around actually. Let’s just look at her BITCHIN FACE some more

Ah. I feel so much better. And sorry bay, but homegirl looks way better as a blonde.

So, not much for fashion commentary here, but shit, when ya got a face, ya got a face. And this is proof that you can still fuck up fashion even when you’re real pretty.

I didn’t actually know I hated her style until I stared looking it up on the Internet. Fascinating ! I mean, hating her fashion means get her more naked … right? Right?

So tell me … who’s on your Freebie Five, you whores?

xoxo, Lou

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