I’m Drunk Haute Coture!

Ok. So … I was actually really drunk when I wrote this post, which I found sitting in the ‘Drafts’ section of my admin site. And well, holy shit I am a harsh critic when I’ve been drinking! It kind of cracked me up to re-read and I thought you might enjoy a looksee too. I actually don’t hate a lot of this collection. I’m not sure why I thought I did then. I actually like a lot of these dresses! Almost every single one, which is really odd when you read this article. I hope you enjoy some drunk fashion writing in it’s unedited form. Pretty sure you’ll especially like the part where I misspell Effort and then call you a cunt for it. Yeeeikes. 

xoxo, Lou

Valentino, Valentino … I just don’t know. You’re just not wow-ing me right now. … you asshole.


I think the color of this blue dress if fucking uhhhhmazing.


But the shape is just whatever and to follow it up with this vagina gobbling flower shit is just … lame.


Ok fine. I don’t hate it. In fact … the flowers flow exactly like you intended. Like you’re an expert or something. Let’s see what else ya got …


Boring! S a D


Ahaaa, getting in on the see-through trend I see. Well, still, boring. Although A for Affort (intentionally misspelled you cunts).


Pish and Posh. I’m done with your collection.

Who’s next?


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