From Runway to Real Life

So remember when I wrote about French Fashion Week and gushed over this Dior outfit?

Well imagine my excitement when I saw it on an actual female body and not the skeletal monstrosity above!!
And Marion Cotillard no less, who I just posted about on the Facebook page. How amazing does this bitch look? So. Hot. Just downright gorgeous really. And French accent to boot. Pft, no contest.

I found this photo on Lainey Gossip, which if you don’t read her and you like gossip/fashion/film, etc. you really should. I’ve been reading her for years. Every day. She’s my favorite.
Ok – that’s all I wanted to say! It’s always so fun to see actual runway fashion out in the real world. If anyone sees this out there

… let me know.

To see the whole set of photos of Marion in this Dior ensemble, visit Lainey here.

xoxo, Lou

One response to “From Runway to Real Life

  1. shannon

    That was unexpected and hysterical!

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