Tia Carrere is a mega babe. I was reminded of that while re-watching Wayne’s World over the holiday weekend. I was also reminded of her incredible 90’s wardrobe in that movie. As I said, the zipper dress she wears midway through is probably my favorite, although with all the lace, leather, cleavage, and leg there is to rival it, it was still a hard choice to make.

It’s so ridiculous I love it. There is no way those zippers serve any function. I’m obsessed.

It’s also one of her least-hot outfits of the film. She wears some super crazy shit:

If I had been older than 9 when Wayne’s World came out, I would have wanted this outfit so bad. I just know it. And duh, hoops. Never say no to hoops. And the lacy stripper store gloves? Gah. So good. I mean, it was just so cool.

Wait, wait though. Before I continue. Super serious question … Tia Carrere or Christina Applegate a la Kelly Bundy?

Now tell me, would you wear this:

Because illusion pants are totally back. 90’s style is where it’s at. Haha, look at Lara Flynn Boyle as Stacy in the background. Such a funny movie. I want to look at optical illusion pants now as well as Twin Peaks LFB.

I mean, of course Gwen Stefani would, right? But would you? I think I would.

So pretty … but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have you seen her lately? Prepare to be horrified.


I’m way off topic because of LFB’s melting ass face. So to get back on topic, let me show you what Tia Carrere thinks of that monster plastic surgery face:

God bless Rob Lowe, too. Right? Although not sure Tia Carrere can really talk shit to Lara Flynn Boyle since I guess she was recently on some season of Dancing with the Stars? I’ve never seen that show, but I’m guessing it’s not chalk full of A-listers or anything. Let me find a pic of her now …

Erm, the fuck? Her face is still great, but not as great as her dance partner’s. What the hell is even going on here? $20 says she would have won that stupid show if she had worn only outfits from Wayne’s World.


Anyway. I had to write about how hot she was. So super hot. And she wore 90’s clothes so well. Guns n’ Roses video style. Look at this face:

Now look at this face:

Ha! Gotcha.


xoxo, Lou

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