Preview: Fashionable Friends

You know who doesn’t have problems changing their hair? My friend, Jimi. She went from black to blonde with nary an eyelash bat. See below.

Oh yeah, she also fronts an amazing local Portland band, Thanks, and makes totally swoon-worthy jewelry, and has some seriously killer style. She is all around awesome and lucky for you, she’s my friend so I can definitely drag her to happy hour this Friday and make her tell me all about all the things that I just know will give you a seriously hurtin’ girl-crush.

Honestly, one of the first times we ever sat down for drinks together, we talked about sending an old dildo to my mean ass old apartment neighbor. I love her. You will too. Watch for this next week. ❤



I know. She still looks amazing … what a bitch.

xoxo, Lou


2 responses to “Preview: Fashionable Friends

  1. Sarah

    There’s a Bat For Lashes song called Sarah, and it never ceases to freak me out, talking about changing hair color from “black to blonde to black to blonde,” since I do that yearly, cyclically. I’ve got a pretty lassez faire attitude toward my hurr, in general. I can’t rationalize spending more than about $10 on it in a go. I haven’t had a professional hair cut in close to fifteen years, and have always done the dyeing/bleaching myself. I like my homemade haircuts, and the happy accidents of literally slapping bleach on at random on black hair, eliciting a sometimes amazing calico head, over and over as it grows, ’til over a period of about four months, I’m fully blonde again.

    For the first time in all these years, though, I’ve got long hair again, and re-learning how to cope with it is weird. I don’t understand it! My long hair prior (like, 1999) was simple, all one length, to my waist. I never did anything with it other than bleach streaks in the front that I dyed Manic Panic Deadly Nightshade (a vicious shade of magenta). Thus, I’m attempting letting it grow out natural (my god, it’s a lot darker than it used to be), which means I’ve got about three inches of dark roots against my stark blonde hair. I want to do something to mellow out the transition, but ombre ain’t for me, and I don’t want to dye my whole head, either…

    Hair is hard.

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