Drunk Girl Goals

So far, SweetBird and I have shared with you our musings on some pretty random shit. Being able to just write about whatever the hell we feel like really helped us get this beast back up and running, but I promise, we have every intention of finding some focus for the future.

Here are some of our article goals for the future:

1. Photo Shoots.

I have some pretty splendid photographer friends that I want to employ* so they can not only help us with photo shoots, but also so I can pimp out their incredible talent.

To start, I’m mixing up some good ideas with my handsome friend Jd White. (check out his work here – http://jdwhitephoto.com/). Last summer, he did a shoot of the girls on our kickball team and well, you can see why I want to keep working with him.

Badass shit. (Hey Chingas!) I’ll also question the shit out of our photographers in order to build a rad fashion-minded profile about them.

*  “employ” is a loose term, which means we’ll probably just buy him lots of beers and let him take pics of us in our underwear.

2. Videos

While I’m busy hittin up the photogs, SweetBird is busy producing video blog ideas for us. Have you seen her work? She’s a budding director, editor, etc, etc of short films. But since she’s only ever posted one video, we both decided she needs more practice before sending in our Sundance submission.

One of our video ideas is to have you submit questions to us so we can get drunk and answer them. So, seriously, send us questions!

Need advice about your outfit, a trend, the boy or girl you want to ask out, your asshole coworker? Send them to us and let us help guide you. Send to wineandpanties@gmail.com or our Facebook Page.

3. Man-pinion

On our old site, we used to run a feature called “Boner or No Boner” where we’d ask our dude friends to rate a series of pictures on any given fashion trend using a scale from 1-10 boners. We’d choose the best quotes to publish along with their ratings. It was fucking hilarious. So naturally we want to bring that back.

We’ve had “Hipster Fashion: Boner or No Boner” in the works for quite some time and that will most likely be our first foray back into this feature. Additionally, you can probably expect to see interviews, op-eds, and contributions from our mens.

The half shave. How many boners does this random girl get?

4. Features

As part of our efforts to expand beyond fashion features, we also want to profile cool shit around Portland. We know lots of rad people, we like to find rad places, and generally, there is a lot of weird random rad shit in Portland, so what the hell, we’re gonna write about it.

We also like to feature our girlfriends that have style so hot we want to hump it. Hence our feature “Style Humping”. Watch for it.


5. Reviews

I told you I’d slap avocado on my face to see if it would make me glow. We’ll also have SweetBird do more scary shit, like tattoo her eyelids (she really did that!), or try out the make-up how-to’s in magazines, or the sex advice in Cosmo, or…really whatever we want. It’s our blog. We do what we want. And after we do it, we’ll tell you if you should do it too.

I really do still need to try those fake lip tattoos..

6. Continuous Snark

This was my effort to let you know about what’s in store for our future. Obviously, regardless of what we do, you can always count on us to be snarky about it. That’s what makes it so fun, no? Well, it’s at least always fun for us.

Exhibit A

To recap:

  • Awesome people are going to take awesome pictures of/for us.
  • SEND US QUESTIONS so that we can video ourself answering them. Drunk.
  • You know you want to hear men talk about fashion.
  • There is cool shit and rad people in Portland. We’re gonna write about all of it.
  • We try stuff. We tell you if you should try it too.
  • We’re best friends and we’re sassy bitches. If you read this blog, you can’t escape it.

SweetBird, feel free to add anything I’ve left out. I know there’s a lot.