I Did Something Crazy

To many of you, it’s not that crazy, but I bought two pairs of shoes in like, the last month. Whoa.

You see – I finally have a job that pays me an amount of money that allows for expendable income. It’s completely exciting. Up to now, my wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs, swap steals, the occasional thrift find, and cheap ass shit.

I still really appreciate all of the aforementioned sources of appropriation, but to finally have money that I can spend to build a closet with wardrobe staples that are entirely ME is pretty damn fun. Plus I’m almost 30. Now that the college degrees are out of the way and I scored a great job, it’s time I buy myself some of my own damn clothes, right? (See, I still have to ask as I try and rid myself of the weird feelings of guilt over spending my own money. Being formerly poor is weird like that.)

So anyway, I bought shoes. I’ve always had a hard time buying shoes. Because with shoes, unlike with say, sweaters or leggings or whatever, you can’t get by on “cheap” as easily. I’m still am not spending a fortune or anything, but let’s consider spending more than $45 on a pair of Vans a step up.

Pair #1 – Doc Martens 

Yeah, yeah, I get it. The dream of the 90’s is blah blah blah … but let’s be real here. This fashion phenomena is not just hitting Portland (it just never left Portland) and I would way rather walk around seeing 90’s fashion flashbacks everywhere than say, the 80’s. The 80’s are just not my steez.



I’ve been talking about how I just really need some new boots. In Portland, where it’s rainy and cloudy for 9 months of the year, investing in boots is kind of a must. Just so happens that for the past year or so I’ve also been swooning over Doc Martens. Especially those Oxblood red numbers.

So here I am, walking to work the other day, in a pair of flats with no socks or anything, and it’s pissing rain and I’m like MAN I really need some BOOTS. The time is NOW. And then I see the Dr. Martens store as I cross Burnside and I’m like, mmmm Dr. Martens.

And then bam! It hits me. Duh. Dr. Martens are fucking BOOTS. Going to look on my lunch break can’t hurt, right?



Best purchase I’ve made in a long, long time. Practically wore these puppies out of the store. And I went with black knowing that if I loved them (which I do) I could always go back and pick up a pair up in Oxblood. Black is more a staple item. And that’s my thing with what I’m actually willing to spend money on – collecting staples.


Item #2 – Phew. Deep breath. Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Heels

Ok, ok. What the fuck was I thinking? Who am I? Will I ever where these?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions – well except the last because yeah – I have to wear these. I’ve had my eye on them for a few months now. Mainly because I saw this girl’s picture over on her tumblr The F Word (follow her – she’s too fucking cute) and was like damn. Give me those.



Then. Well. They went on sale. At Urban Outfitter of all places. And I got an email saying SALE SALE SALE. You know?

And then I was like, well it can’t hurt to click the link and look, right? WRONG.

It hurt my bank account. But only by $87.50. Which, for these … not bad. And now I own a pair of nice heels! They’re different and edgy, sure, but they’re also a really classic silhouette when all the trend is stripped away. And I stray pretty far from straight up classic fashion aesthetics. So, it was meant to be. I just … I had to splurge.



Sorry I’m not sorry.

I’m still crafting my perfect first outfit with them, so you’ll have to wait for that 🙂 TBC …

Until then – don’t let me buy anything else! Unless I’m buying it in THAILAND!

xoxo, Lou


Personal Shoppers: Shoes

It’s almost summer in Portland and as a general rule, I suck at buying shoes. And yes, these things are more or less unrelated, except for the fact that I want some new shoes for summer – see the connection? I blame my student loan debt for developing this fear of committing to cute shoe purchases and I need your help to get over it. So let’s look at the shoes below and you tell me which ones I should splurge on for summer.

To preface, I primarily prefer flats. I live in Vans and cheap ass H&M flats right now. In the summer, drinking and stumbling down sidewalks is a consideration. So is looking really great. Mutually exclusive of course.

There are two things I know I want to buy, which shit, totally goes against my shoe shopping phobia premise, but whatever! I still think this will be fun. So on the to-buy list: some oxblood Dr. Martens (fuck, talk about a splurge, right?) And some Yosi Samra flats. Have you heard? The birds the word on these. My sister love, love, loves hers and they come in great patterns – which I can’t decide on – so you know I’ll throw those in the mix too and take your temperature on what I might look best wearing.

I am really weird about buying shoes and feel weird in most of them, so thanks in advance for your help.

And you can’t choose to hate all of them unless you give me alternatives in the comments section. Fair’s fair! Plus, I honestly didn’t work THAT hard on this list, so suggestions appreciated. I’m a lazy shopper.

Ernie Oxfod Top Ernie Oxford

Ernie Oxford – seen on Nastygal.com

Mikhail Oxfod tops Mikhail Oxford

Mikhail Oxford – seen on Nastygal.com

Oasis Oasis

Oasis Boots – seen on Nastygal.com

nasty-gal-pink-authentic-hi-sneaker-neon-pink-product-1-5065246-404471095_large_flex nasty-gal-pink-authentic-hi-sneaker-neon-pink-product-4-5065246-404573016_large_flex

Vans hi-top – you are a total asshole if you pick these, but I won’t be mad.

JC Fontane Black JC Fontane White

Dude these are Jeffrey Campbell, just saying. Probably too pale for the white and probably actually would feel weird in the black, but you tell me.

Seen on Nastygal.com

And now for your Yosi Samrapoll – I chose three options, but there are a fucking TON – so visit the site, pick yourself out a pair, and if you think I should stray from these three, tell me that in the comments please! I’m curious what you bitches like.

110C98F0-3048-64E8-400861FDFD0576EB 001243A9-3048-64E8-4068E93A72E934E8


My sister has these leopard print ones – pony hair – and currently maybe in the lead for me.

And just for shits, let’s look at some adorably red Dr. Martens:


Key ute. Ok – polling time. Remember – don’t blow this for me!!!

And the Yosi Samra poll …



Boot Steez

This a follow-up post to my boot rants. It is simply me in boots. Doing it right … obviously.Well I’m doing the boots right. I don’t know about this weirdo post and my squint eye. That damn squint eye!

Later I swapped out these boots for bowling shoes. I think bowling shoes are super cute. Like, I want a pair. But I would never wear them anywhere but bowling. So then I always talk myself out of walking out with them.

SB – I haven’t seen any steez from you in awhile. Get on that hooker.