Would you let Fish eat your Feet?

I was flipping through a National Geographic in the break room at work just now and I stumbled across an article on traveling in Thailand or some shit and there was a picture of some girls, all sitting in a row, with their feet dunked in a gigantic fish tank. Something like this:

I’ve heard of fish pedicures before, but this time I gave it 5 seconds thought before almost barfing and deciding I would NEVER do this. Even researching this post is grossing me out, and I am not easily grossed out. Look at these pictures and then take this poll so I can see if I’m in the minority or not. Would you let some tiny fish eat away at your feet?

No surprise it’s been banned a lot of places for being “unsanitary”, but lots of traditional pedicures are unsanitary too. Is this just organic?

If I haven’t grossed you out yet…fish also do full body exfoliation.

So tell me…would you get a Fish Pedicure?