Getting Wild … with Western Wear

I have something to admit. I can’t stop watching this terrible reality show called ‘Rodeo Girls’. For those of you that know me this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. I’ve wanted to be a barrel racer in the rodeo since I was about 8 years old. But because I wasn’t born into the rodeo circuit and never had money for my own horse and had to navigate the cards I was dealt (suburban Minnesota), it just hasn’t happened for me.

So instead I’ve done things like spend a summer in Wyoming working on a dude ranch, horse lessons, volunteer work with horses, and annual promises to myself to save up for my own horse. I also very frequently fall into fashion obsessions with Western wear. Lucky for you and me, western wear has actually gotten really COOL. As a little girl, I really only understood it as shit I could find at like Drysdales. No this isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not something I’m going to wear around the streets of Portland either.


Seriously though. Those brown pants. That SHIRT. That shirt got a lot of play back in the day, no doubt.

little lucy


And absolutely nothing has changed. 



That’s me dude-ranching it and if you want a real trip, check this out

But back to real time, like I said, I was sitting on the couch ignoring the beautiful, sunny Portland day outside, watching Rodeo girls and I looked down and was like oh snap, this flannel I’m wearing sure is cute and appropriate. Flannels. Wardrobe staple. They make everyone look hot! Cholo/as need I say more? And a girl in an oversized flanned, don’t tell me that doesn’t turn you on. 



Me today in a not oversized flannel, but it’s still cozy as hell and it automatically makes my un-makeupped, crazy hair, tired eyes situation seem less dire than it actually is. Scored this one from a clothing swap. Long live clothing swaps forever and ever. 

Then I got to thinking about this sweatshirt I recently got from Idylwild. I was pretty drunk when I saw it and realized I had to have it, but you know, I’m sober now and not regretting it at all. Idylwild has tons of cute shit. Follow on IG and check out the website and stock up on staples that will get you through summer because seriously I’m thinking short shorts, cowgirl boots, and turquoise. All day every day come June.


Cute, right? 

Here’s some more Idylwild pulled from Instagram:


Another good site and IG to check out is Bandit Brand clothing.  Hotttttttt shit. 



And for all your jewelry needs, I HIGHLY suggest you check out Honey Fox Jewelry because SWOON. I recently got a new job and one (at least) of her pieces is top of my list for first paychecks.  And she’s local. If anyone wants to gift me with something of hers I won’t complain. Here’s her Etsy for all your shopping and gifting needs

unnamed-8 unnamed-9 unnamed-10 unnamed-11


So yeah, I don’t know about you, but now that we’re past the winter solstice I’m already dreaming of summer and it’s going to include horses and western wear galore. Oh and I’m thinking a return trip to Wyoming. Road trip anyone? 



xoxo, yeehaw, Lou


Portland Flea

Vintage shopping and cooking have always been sort of the same for me. In the way that I’m  I’m not all that good at doing either even though I so desperately want to be and know I could be if only I could get past my impatience.

So imagine my surprise and delight over the last month or so when I’ve found myself shopping thrift and actually enjoying it! There have been some really awesome, recent Goodwill excursions. And let’s face it, Naked Lady Parities and Swaps are kind of like thrift shopping for beginners.

Another great experience I had recently came in the form of Portland Flea. This half indoor, half outdoor market invites a handful of Portland vendors to showcase their wares on the third Sunday of every month (pst, remaining dates are: 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20, 11/17 & 12/15) along a one block stretch of SE Portland that includes the beautiful Union/Pine.





I went with one of my most skilled thrifting friends, Jordan, you should all know her fairly well by now, and it didn’t take us long to scour the various racks. In fact, I loved how I never felt overwhelmed. The small, select number of stands allow for a less intimidating experience than a store full of stuff and the farmers market casualty of it really let me shop stress free.

The first thing I picked up were a pair of leather/suede tan cowboy boots from Scout & Parcel. 






Look at my cat, Bandit. She loves them.

I’ve heard Portland Flea can be a little overpriced, and sure I could see that at times when I was there, but I bought these for $24 not knowing or caring what kind of deal that was. I could tell they were quality. They were a good neutral color. I could afford them. And I’ve always been a real fucking nerd for horses, which is also developing into a real love of a fashionable western aesthetic, so I knew these would become staples.

Plus they are old and worn-in and well-loved and it felt so good not consuming something new.

And I’ve already tested them … they are perfect for summer bbq’s and road trips.





So, solid decision. I’m happy about that. My purchasing anxiety was little to none and I love my new kicks! Shopping success.

Jordan tried on some stuff too. Right in the middle of the place. Because some people in dressing rooms are SLOW.




And while she did tried to zip up those adorable fucking shorts, I found my second purchase of the day: an $8 framed photograph of Mount St. Helens. I am obsessed with Mount St. Helen’s. I’ve always wanted an awesome Mount St. Helens picture. And honestly, I just trusted that some day I’d stumble upon the perfect one.



I picked up this little guy from Canned Ham Collectables. Is it weird that now I just want more? I am going to be such a freak with 20 Mount St. Helens pictures on my wall.

But before that happens, let me tell you about my third and final purchase of the day. I think some of you will recognize this one, but yeah, I had to have it!





That’s right. I even have pictures modeling this beauty! And now it’s mine. It was love at first fitting.

And yes, that means lovely Emily from Sturnelle Collection was there!





I might have to have that black and white dress next …

But yeah. That’s it! That’s what I bought! And I love all three of them equally! And they all feel so cohesive with my mood of late and my style leanings and the way I want my summer to feel. And it all started with chicken, waffles, and Budweiser so I’m sure that yeah, that had something to do with how dreamy it all was.



Ok! I’m leaving for CA this Thursday. Gotta drop my hot mama Jordan off for her epic cross-country road trip and also visit SF because it’s fucking ludicrous I’ve never been there, so if I don’t get another post in before that, I’ll be hitting you up from the road on Instagram (@cheapwineandpantylines)



Work Shmirk, I Wanna Talk About Style

I have been on quite the blogging hiatus lately. I think because I used to do the majority of my blogging at work since I was able to shirk responsibility for a couple of hours while also getting all my shit done and looking ever the stellar employee. Plus they paid me crap wages so I could easily justify doing my own thing when I wanted. I know that is a terrible justification, but whatever. Fact is, I finally got up the guts to ask for more money and responsibility and they actually gave it to me, so I felt obligated to get super serious for awhile, but I guess that’s now worn off since this morning all I wanted to do was blog and here I am.

It all started when I received my order confirmation from Urban Outfitter where my lovely big brother and sister-in-law gifted me with a $75 gift card as a birthday present. He said he was going to buy me a really nice bottle of whiskey, but his wife advised him otherwise, and said the gift of shopping was likely to be a bigger hit. I say whiskey and shopping go hand in hand, but it was no trouble for me to supply my own booze since two other people gifted me with whiskey. Guess these people got my number.

Anyhow. I get this order confirmation, right? And it was really distracting for me because up to now, I never really thought I had a style, but slowly and surely I see one developing and I’m not mad about it. I did all my shopping online and only stuck to sale items and all in all spent $132. Let’s take a look at what I bought, shall we?


I’ve been obsessed with these BDG high-rise pants. I tried them on in-store and they fit me like a dream. And they don’t come in bullshit 2, 4, 6 sizes, which my homegirl Crystal pointed out is a load of crap.  So, because I can get this perfect 27/30 sizing, I have been buying them in every color under the sun. I have green, red, and now, Mustard!

They are available with two different inseams, so shorter girls like me can enjoy a high waste without having to get the extra model-tall fabric hemmed off. And I love the color and I know they fit and they went from $60 to $30 as they sat in my shopping cart waiting for me to purchase them, which is when I decided my buyer’s anxiety maybe isn’t such a bad thing.

Seriously. I would get drunk on wine and online shop so often that I’m pretty sure I changed the contents of that cart probably, oh … 7 times. I think though, as this blog illustrates, that I came out with a perfect set of items. I mean, if I do say so myself.

With that said, moving on.


I’ve been pretty obsessed with horses my entire life. I’m hard pressed to turn down horse-themed items, but it’s not always easy to avoid looking like a child while doing it. This shirt fixed the problem for me though and at $15 I had to indulge.

Oh and look. I can wear it with my green jeans!

I cannot find pictures of the back of this that I can steal off the interwebs, so just trust me and go see how sexy it is in back:

I could for sure show side-boob in this if I wanted. And I love the braid detailing. So cute. And I get to have wild mustangs running across my chest so it’s a win-win as far as I can tell.

I also bought this other top because it’s described online as a “breezy, lightweight knit tank” and at the time I was wearing just that very type of top tucked in to my high-waisted red jeans thinking, fuck yeah! I want another “breezy, lightweight knit tank” to wear under sweaters and bonus points for being sexy in back, business in front.

Now if only I could find some plum pants …


My moccasins have taken a beating over the last year because I wear them so obsessively. I’m wearing them right now in fact. Urban had some on sale. Actually, they had a lot on sale. So maybe this trend is fading out and wearing Minnetonka’s will go back to being something I associate with my childhood in Minnesota. But hey, I’m glad so many people were exposed to how cute and comfy these shoes are. I spruced up my basics with a little beading.

$35 of guaranteed wear. I will probably wear these so much that they will actually end up being worth like $535 worth of wear. So, overall I’d say it was a solid purchase on my part.


I haven’t been carrying purses much of late. Instead, I’ve been making really excellent use of an adorable backpack I found on the Free Table at my old apartment. God bless free tables, amirite? The only purse I consistently use is this one, which was a hand-me-down from my big sis. I had been eyeing this thing from the moment she bought it:

Because it’s awesome. But sometimes I don’t want a purse, or backpack, and I can’t put shit in my pockets because I would for sure get drunk and lose everything, so I bought this!

It’s Pendleton so the Portlander in me is really happy. And it’s fucking cute. And practical. And everything I ever wanted for $25.

And finally, to round out my purchase, I bought this glass because it makes me smile every time I see it and I really love all my dopey Urban Outfitter pint glasses. For $8 I was pretty sure I could keep that collection going.

I mean, I just hear Jeff Bridges so clearly in my head as I read that and it really does make my day a little brighter. I can’t wait to drink millions of beers out of that glass.

And that’s it! Pretty solid, right? And altogether, pretty cohesive, yeah? I was surprised that my drunk online shopping excursion #7 yielded such results.

Especially because I was SUPER tempted just say fuck it and apply $75 toward this $300 coat from a French brand I am newly obsessed with. I’m going to tell you all about them next post so get ready to lust after some stupidly expensive clothing.

With that, I think I’m back on the blogging wagon so see you again soon!

xoxo, Lou