From Runway to Real Life

So remember when I wrote about French Fashion Week and gushed over this Dior outfit?

Well imagine my excitement when I saw it on an actual female body and not the skeletal monstrosity above!!
And Marion Cotillard no less, who I just posted about on the Facebook page. How amazing does this bitch look? So. Hot. Just downright gorgeous really. And French accent to boot. Pft, no contest.

I found this photo on Lainey Gossip, which if you don’t read her and you like gossip/fashion/film, etc. you really should. I’ve been reading her for years. Every day. She’s my favorite.
Ok – that’s all I wanted to say! It’s always so fun to see actual runway fashion out in the real world. If anyone sees this out there

… let me know.

To see the whole set of photos of Marion in this Dior ensemble, visit Lainey here.

xoxo, Lou