I’m Obsessed Steez

I’m obsessed with this shirt I stole from my roommate’s closet this morning. I mean, borrowed. Hi Nikki!

Even though I painted my nails, listened to a 4/20 hip hop mix, and wrote a short horror story at work today, it was still painful because I had to cover up the back of this shirt.

It’s just a t-shirt. But soooo sexy with that open back. From the front, so unassuming. So soft and thin too, I’m in love.

Sorry for the weird work bathroom shots with lights that make me look like a member of the walking dead, but I’m headed out right after work to my buddies skateboard zine release party thing? I don’t know. But I paired this outfit with flat, brown ankle boots that lace up. So lowkey. So comfortable. I told you, I’m obsessed.

Which reminds me, we need to talk about heels vs flats and dudes. I know my fella likes me in tennis shoes best and I’ve heard numerous men inPortland men bemoan women in heels as “high maintenance” or “trying too hard to look sexy” and I dunno, it’s just an interesting phenomenon.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this shirt cause I’m being obsessive.

Happy Friday mother fuckers!

xoxo, Lou