Break for: Portland Steez

It’s Jordan. She’s my style muse again. Whether it looks like she just woke up behind a couch the morning after her own house party(see here) or whether she’s all pretty pretty to get drunk with me … she looks fucking adorable. And oh so very Portland.


Later on, we’re going to a party where her ex-boyfriend will be, which means when I snap her picture tonight, she’s going to look like a hot hussy! Can’t wait.

Happy Friday everyone!

xoxo, Lou

Fashionably Late

See what I did there? So, a couple of Saturdays back, maybe a few at this point since I’ve been hardcore sick and hardcore procrastinating, I spent the day with my lovely friend, Miss Emily Bolles. She recently started an Etsy endeavor (now on to house and sell her own personal picks for best vintage pieces around Portland.

It was a no brainer to help her model some of these timeless pieces, which you can find for sale on her website at:

Here’s a little preview of me showing you what you can buy there.

Pretty obsessed with this amazing crop top:

Vintage 100% cotton cream colored crop tank $32



Also awesome: Women’s vintage pastel blue lambswool/angora rabbit hair sweater by Marnie West $52

Did I mention it’s lambswool/angora rabbit hair? So soft, such a pretty blue. Wear this one on a date to the shake shack.


To the point: Women’s vintage Hathaway blue and white vertical striped long-sleeved button-up collard shirt $38


And so on and so forth. But before I show you more of her aesthetic, I wanted to talk about the woman behind the scenes – buyer, photographer, …awesome, awesome drinking buddy.

When I met Em Bolles she had a job seating the visitor elite at Portland’s trendy Clyde Common by night and was a babe-a-licious substitute teacher by day – something she still does in between gigs at another new Portland hotspot, Tasty and Alder, and between her time slangin vintage goods for Sturnelle Collection.

The name Sturnelle comes from the latin “Sturnelle Neglecta” meaning Western Meadowlark aka Portland’s state bird. But don’t you dare get all put a bird on this midwestern girl. She’s from Wisconsin (Midwest represent) and has had a love of birds since she was a little girl. So there.

The name perfectly embodies a personal flare and the state she now calls home. It’s also the place she finds the clothing to stock the virtual shelves of Sturnelle Collection.

Palace on SE 34th, Rock n’ Rose on E. Burnside, Magpie on SW 9th, and Good ol’ Goodwill, rank as some of her favorite places to find quality vintage goods that she’s able to repurpose, alongside modern day fashion picks, into relevant looks that, as she says, “won’t cost you a shit ton”.


Vintage Red Eugene Rodier stretch pencil skirt $40 

Two months after leaving her job at Clyde Common, Emily realized she had more time to devote to creative pursuits such as fashion and photography.

“I got into vintage clothing because of the history, because of the place it takes you when you look at it. Sometimes this can be hard to incorporate into a modern day wardrobe so for me it was a question of, how do I appreciate these clothes? How do I fit this history into now?”

She also admits that the photography involved in showcasing the clothes was a large part of her decision to pursue an online shop.

“Learning to take photos of people – that’s a huge part of it. How do I turn the clothes into a story that the pictures tell?”

What’s not a huge part of it?

“The shopping!” She laughs. “The shopping is probably my least favorite part of it even though I do think I’m good at picking things out.”


Vintage Pendleton dark blue and grey pinstripe high-waisted 100% wool pencil skirt $50 


Vintage silk dark brown pure silk button-up long-sleeved blouse $38

I asked her to give me three words to describe Sturnelle Collection. Her hesitation proved demure as she launched into a confident list:

“Classic, Quality, and Fresh.”

Looking at her collection, these adjectives certainly do seem to lend an ongoing theme only bolstered by her residence in Portland. Not only does she have access to incredible vintage clothing stores, she also has connections that sometimes lend themselves to amazing photography locations, like The Cleaners event space at the Ace Hotel , where we had our photo shoot on an unnaturally nice, summer-like day in the midst of Portland winter.


The Cleaners


Let there be light!


Buying her model lunch xoxo

Working with her on a professional level is easy and fun. She’s low stress about her shoots and really seems to work with what she’s got at any given moment. The day consisted of lunch from Clyde Common (which also occupies space next to the Ace Hotel), Stumptown coffee galore (um yep, also right there … this is a really hip block), and plenty of loud ass hip hop to keep us motivated.

At one point, she dragged me to try some shots outside, and yeah, I said it was unusually warm, but it wasn’t that warm and she had no qualms about asking me to double bra and tape my nipples, which yeah I did … all for this top:


Women’s vintage navy blue sleeveless flawy top $28 This top was comfortable as fuck.

Which can I just say was totally worth it because look at that wall. It was perfect! Perfectly urban too as I was surrounded by like, bum pee and old Wendy’s bags, but that’s what made the day so extra fun. The girl has a knack for finding spots and an adventurous side that leads her to them.

I don’t get the sense Emily is in any hurry to abandon all her days  jobs to focus on Sturnelle, but watching her work, I don’t get the sense she needs to. She has an ease about her business sense that allows her to indulge in the creative pursuit while still holding down jobs that pay the bills … a skill many young people today strive for. And with clothes as cute as hers, she doesn’t need much more than that.

Oh … and did I mention she provides stuff for the menfolks as well?


Men’s vintage Arrow Bradstreet vertical white and blue striped button-up collared dress shirt $40

At this point, I think we should enjoy a few more photos before I tell you where you can stalk this babe on all the social media sites.


Remember my jewelry post? And remember when I mentioned Emily has connections? Well check out her custom BLTN necklace and try not to hate her too much for owning such a gorgeous gem.




Ew – she encouraged me to try fried oysters. I didn’t die. Or barf. In fact it was quite good.

Ok – so do you want to know where to stalk her now???

Here’s where you can buy her steez:

Here’s where you can go “Like”  her on Facebook:

Instagram, of course: @sturnellecollection

And here is where you can look at her fashion porn:

My next Portland fashion showcase is the really really beautiful babe that has done most of my tattoos, Olivia Britz. Did I mention she’s a babe? See ya next time for that and until then – go stalk Sturnelle.


xoxo, Lou

Break For: Portland Steez

The photo shoot for Sturnelle Collection this last weekend was awesome and I can’t wait to share the post with you. If you can’t wait and want first dibs on all her cute stuff, visit the Facebook page to take a gander. Give her a “Like” while you’re there too, because she’s got some way cute vintage stuff happening that you won’t want to miss. Sturnelle Collection Facebook Page.

Also, while I work on that post, can we just enjoy this Portland Fashion Moment together? This is one of my best homegirls, headed to brunch in her .. I don’t know. Her pajamas? Half PJ’s/half street clothes? Whatever it is it still works because it’s Portland and because she’s a hot babe. We call this Hangover Hotness. Also we call this fucking hysterical and plain awesome. Needless to say, it was an awesome party.

Enjoy and see you again real soon. xoxo, Lou


Portland Focus: Sturnelle Collection

In addition to helping me pick out some shoes, I wanted to give you a heads up on some Portland-specific fashion happenings. Tomorrow morning I’ll be helping my beautiful friend Emily take photographs of some very rad vintage clothing from her Sturnelle Collection. Check out her Etsy here and her Tumblr here.

The fact that I am waking up before 10 on a Saturday to help her with this shows how great I think her style choices are. In addition to possessing a solid aesthetic, she is crazy knowledgeable about fabrics, which a lot of the time makes me feel like I have a lot to learn. Luckily she’s my friend and can teach me. I win!

Check out her stuff and watch for my profile piece next week on her style and her burgeoning business.



BTW that scarf is totally for sale. 

See ya next week, babes!

xoxo, Lou

Girl Crush: Paige


Here it finally is – my post about the one and only Paige. She owns and curates Breeze Block Gallery in NW Portland and in line with my rad women doing rad things features, I asked her all about what she does and what she wears while doing it. 


In case you need me to spell it out for you, all my commentary/questions will be in pink, in honor of Paige’s favorite color. If there was a neon text format, I would do that too. 


Me and Paige at her 30th birthday party last week. She thinks I’m hilarious AND she shares my love of hoop earrings. Hard to find a picture of her WITHOUT them! My girl.

1. Do you think your love of neon has anything to do with being from CA? 

My love of neon surely comes from being a native of the grey and rainy Portland. (haha you got confused cause my high school friends I talk about all moved to Oakland 😉 . Not many Portlanders dare wear bright colors, it’s something you see in hot places like Miami (where I recently travelled to for Art Basel!!), but I think the greyest cities should rock the loudest colors – it brings a little joy and pop to the day!


Paige at work in the gallery: 

And at Art Basel, rocking a very Miami shirt. …Beinvenido a Miami! :


2. Explain to me your love of neon…

My Little Ponies were my favorite toys as a girl…I didn’t like dolls, too creepy. I think a lot of my fashion color palette is stolen from the My Little Pony’s manes, tails, and rump patterns – bright pinks mixed with pastels and sparkly things and accents of light blues and turquoises – ha! I did go through a brief hippie phase late in high school, with dreads, hairy arm pits and all, but I always had a pink streak in the hair and never wore earth tones. Circa age 22, right before I opened my gallery, I was trying to figure out what the eff to do with my life, what would make me happy. I kept talking about how I felt my life was grey, how I needed more COLOR in my life. I guess my solution was quite literal and I opened the gallery to showcase graffiti and street art (the boldest colored art genre). I lived in the gallery at that time and was suddenly physically surrounded with color constantly. I had never been happier than waking up every morning with my neon green mural behind my bed and wild art on all the walls below my loft. Obviously my curatorial eye not only chooses bright art, but bright clothing as well!

 This made me laugh really hard “my fashion color palette is stolen from the My Little Pony’s manes, tails, and rump patterns”. Rump. Hah. But also, this question is mostly funny because after reading my personal feelings about neon (here), Paige texted me to tell me she owned the melon colored pants in the last picture. Ooos!


And speaking of that My Little Pony Collection, her mom cleaned every last one of them off so they could make an appearance at her 30th birthday party. They ended up being hung from ceiling, but not in a death sort of way. In a really cute way. And it was awesome.

Paige’s first fashion inspiration

3. Do you like side-ponies? I mean, like, 80’s side-ponies…

Um, yeah, duh! I had long blond hair as a little girl and my mom used to ask me before school every morning, “Side pony, or regular?” and was always so irritated and would reply “Side pony mom, duh!”. The My Little Pony aesthetic I’m sure had an influence on this too. I don’t really do side-ponies any more, but I do highly appreciate some serious side bangs (you know, the swoopy-across-the-face kind).

Haha! I totally asked that question because I knew she would say yes. I mean, I would have had to reevaluate the meaning of our friendship had she said no. “Side pony mom, DUH!” I can totally see it. 
4.You are one of my only friends with blonde hair. You’ve got a very California Girl thing happening that I think is SO hot and love that you’re one of my only friends rocking it … what are some of your fashion inspirations? Where do you think this style came from?

California style embodies fun – I guess that’s why I rock the Cali look so hard – I want my life to be fun! And it is, wink wink. While I follow and sometimes wear fashion trends, I’ve also always had a unique style. I grew up in a pretty homogeneous demographic in Portland and fashion as a teenager became one of the ways I tried to be my own person. Blond hair is a total must for me because of this – one time I tried going a little darker and totally freaked out, going back to the salon the next day for a re-lighten. I felt like a boring and drab girl! I’ll be blond and fun til the day I die (cause blonds DO have more fun!).




So jealous of that necklace. Always wanted a “Lucy” necklace. And come on Paige. I have like, black hair. And you know I have tons of fun, so …  GIANT hole in your argument! 


5. Did you see a change in your fashion when you went from living in your tiny gallery space to running Breeze Block at its current location? If so, how, why, etc…

When the gallery moved into its current down town location, I had to bring a little more professional style into my wardrobe. The old gallery space was all about the artists, drinking beer on the couch, selling spray paint, and staying up til 4am every night. Looking back I realize that not a lot of art ‘buyers’ felt very comfortable in that setting – but it was the time of my life so I didn’t care. When I moved down town two plus years ago, the space itself is so professional that I started being one of those people that wore ‘work clothes’ and ‘regular clothes’… we were getting more serious buyers coming through the space so I needed to act the part. However, don’t worry, I still rock hot pink and big ol’ gold hoop earrings even in my ‘professional’ wears.


Being a professional babe at the new spot:


And slangin some spray paint:


6. Street art, skateboarding, boys. And your most recent show a fashion show:

“In The Flower Months” by Emily Katz

Described at “New Freehand Embroidery inspired by the dream poems of Jeevan Singh” 


Tell me about the art you choose to showcase and why. This must go hand-in-hand with style/fashion… 

Emily Katz’s fashion show was a huge first for the gallery! She accompanied her art show with a matching collection of clothes – she is a fashion designer by trade. I really believe fashion and art are the two biggest vehicles of personal expression, so it was special to have both avenues presented in tandom from one talented lady. I curate art that I love, from people and cultures I believe in, which usually looks similar to the fashion I love – bright, energetic, fun, and different. Kind of the like those dang skater graff boys I keep around me 😉

Working the ladder in heels! Very impressive:



Success! … wait … are those Jeffery Campbell “Lita’s“? Ughhhhhh, haha. 



7. Did you face challenges being a woman when you first started? Now? Or do you think it helped, or … ?

Female small business owners are a minority, so I always felt like I had to fight a little stronger or had something to prove. I think being a woman, and a young woman at age 23, when I opened the gallery, put a fire under my ass. That fire gave me a sense of confidence that I could do whatever I wanted. Since most of the artists I show are male (not by choice but by genre) I always felt supported and protected like a little sister. Six years later, I don’t think being a woman makes much of a difference to me, especially since the art world is so diverse gender wise – it’s one of the few industries where both women and men seem to be successful gallerists. However, the graffiti street art gallery scene is dominated by male gallery owners like Justin at White Walls, Andres Guerroro, Joshua Liner and Jonathan Levine… but you know I like to play with the big boys and have (hopefully) carved out a niche for myself as the female gallery owner in that genre.


Can you spot the sexy one?:



8. Also – I know you run a lot with our boys … is that because you’re naturally a guys girl? Because you appreciate an aesthetic up to now so predominantly dominated (good writing there, I know) by men, or … what? 

I’ve always been naturally a guys girl… I was seriously nerdy before middle school and learned at an early age how mean girls can be, I played chess alone at recess! (omg, I love you) By age 12 I was under the wing of the 90’s grunge skater boy crews while the girls were clique-ing up and being catty. Since then I’ve always ran with a tight knit group of guys… they’re creating the art I’m drawn to for the gallery and I never have to deal with drama or hurt feelings with them. My only beef with the boy posse is they’re really picky about any boyfriend I ever bring around!!


9. What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve? 

When people wear jeans that don’t make their ass look good. Come on – it’s such an easy fix!! Duh.

10. What fashion item, trend, icon, are you currently lusting after? 

Fancy nails!! I’ve always done my nails super crazy and I’m loving that it’s all over the blogs and streets right now… go girls!

11. And anything else you want to tell me!

Thanks for the interview, Lucy!! I think you are sooo super hotttttt!!! (and more importantly very smart and sassy) xoxoxo


How great is she? Super great, I know. And super hot and inspiring. Paige has an infectious smile and lust for life that is mirrored in her love of bright colors and graphic prints…haha, I had to bring up prints because check this out: 


I should probably write my next blog post on this guy. I fucking love this picture, love that guy’s style, and love this girl! If you have any questions for Paige, get at it in the comments, yo! 


Now, time to go write my Gossip Girl homage to that twat Serena Van Der Woodsen. 



Until next time, xoxo, Lou

Get Drunk, Get Fat


Fail, fail, fail, fail.

My experiment to get drunk, not fat did not go as planned last night.

Or…it did, since I drank no beer which is what I set out to do for a few weeks.

(Thought the night I wrote that other post, the boyfriend came home from a BBQ with a six pack of PBR and without even thinking I took the one he offered me. My resolve lasted two hours! Record setting fail.)

Last night a bunch of us went out for a friend’s birthday. I was resolved to not drink beer even though I have about $80 to last me til payday on Friday. The bar we convened at serves it’s signature cocktail in a giant mason jar. I fucking love drinks in mason jars. I love drinks in any sort of weird container. Glasses shaped like cowboy boots, copper mugs, fishbowls, I love them all. I’m a sucker for them.

Therefore, I started the night off with this:

That is a shit ton of bourbon, some other alcohol and then a whole lot of sugar.


So by not drinking a god damn beer, which would have been 5 dollars cheaper, I drank this monster sugar beast which contained god knows how many calories.

We then moved on to everyone’s favorite neighborhood strip club/dive bar, Sassy’s. No birthday is complete until you’ve seen bored, tattooed strippers flail around in mis-matched bra and panty sets.

(I LOVE strippers but for the love of god, ladies, put a little effort in. It looks like you got to work, pulled off your jeans and ironic Motley Crue tank top and hopped up in stage in your Target bra and Forever21 panties. That don’t even match! Gah! That said, there are some fantastic girls who work there that I adore and kick ass at what they do.)

I decided that instead of a tallboy, I would have a rum and coke. Because more sugar was obviously what I needed.

Then a friend bought everyone a round of whiskey shots. That was the best caloric decision of the night, given that whiskey is only around 73 calories.

But I followed it up with another rum and coke. Though to my credit, there was so much rum in both drinks that I doubt I even got very much coke.

At this time, after having a girl force me to look into her lady folds up at the rack, I decided I needed tator tots. Add to my calories for the night a basket of greasy potato nuggets. Excellent call, Sweetbird!

After my tots I then gave my last ten dollars in cash to a dancer only because she could make her ass cheeks bounce by flexing them one at a time. I’m intensely jealous of this ability as well as booty popping, clapping and any other form of doing cool shit with your ass.


Broke and drunk, we called it a night and rode up the never ending hill home. Sure, Portland has hills. Slopes…inclines. Whatever, seemed really hard last night.

Upon arriving at home, I made myself a vegan grilled cheese sandwich with fake bacon and ate some cookies.


What have we learned here? That giving up beer will not make me less fat. Drinking liquor makes me more drunk and more prone to getting the munchies.

New plan: just work out more. 

Okay, so enough with trying to pass of my drinking as a health experiment. Back to fashion and beauty. I got nothing though so it’s up to Lou!

Hey assholes!

It’s supposed to be in the 70’s in Portland this weekend and guess what? My ass is working doubles all weekend. Fuck.My.Life.

However, unless I work like a mofo, I will never get the fat paychecks that I adore. Paychecks that can buy me some fabulous summer clothes. For when summer actually gets here. In three or four months.

While I’m slaving away, ripping hair out of people’s dark parts ( I don’t know why I just called them dark parts…I was thinking of the sun don’t shine on them, therefore, they’re dark…?), y’all should be out prancing around in as little clothing as possible and soaking up the rays.

I’m looking at you, Lou. I know how much you like to whore it up. SO WHORE IT UP!!!

Just to torture myself and to bore you, I’m going to get my sun through summer memories….

River trips!!

Slutty tank tops!!

Kiddie pools!!

I can’t wait for summer. Even though I work weekends and everyone else will be drunk at the park. I’ll be drunk at the park on the weekdays while you fuckers are at work! By myself….Wait…that sucks….

Go forth, drink tallboys of shit beer, get a sunburn on your pasty skin, pass out by 6pm and then wake up at 10pm ready to rage again.

Do it, Portland. Do it for me. 

I’ve lost my inner hipster, help me find her

I’M BACK!!!!

We finally moved back to fabulous, weird, rainy, snarky, hipster supreme Portland!

I couldn’t be happier about being back here. It feels like home. It’s so good to have Lou sitting in front of me, chugging tall cans of PBR and spouting off a steady stream of amazing ideas on how to make this blog more awesome.

Unfortunately, I picked up some bad habits in sunny San Diego. The biggest Portland fashion faux pas: Being too well groomed. Working in La Jolla, land of the yuppiest of yuppies, it was important for me to have unscuffed boots, blown out hair, well applied natural make-up and smartly put together outfits. I could get a little funky but it still had to look…expensive and new.

In Portland, being polished is practically a sin. My severe bob with straight bangs seems like it’s trying to hard. I need artfully mussed hair that always looks as if it’s been ground into the pillows by some fabulous, sweaty sex. Mary Kate Olsen has perfected the art of just fucked hair.I would slap a child for that hair. Hell, I’d slap five.

 My shoes all look too new. My dresses look too generic. Everything in my closet made sense when I was in SoCal but now it makes no sense at all. It’s like going to Alaska with a wardrobe better fit for Hawaii. Getting dressed every day has been so confusing that I keep pulling on the same skinny jeans and hoodie.

My daily project is putting the things I own together in different ways. I have to regain my fashion spontaneity. I need to get comfortable taking risks again. The last year has been a reasonably boring year fashion wise for me. I mean, it’s San Diego. I spent most of my days like this:

The other night we went to the art show of a friend of our’s and in spite of the fact that I was biking there, I made an effort to look cute, Portland-style. The end result was pairing grey jeans with brown boots (which for some reason was a huge faux pas down south) and throwing on a fedora that someone left at my house.

It’s a start!

Got some Portland hipster fashion advice for me? Something that normal “fashionable” people would never do? Tell me!

It’s great to be back!