Sick Fashion

No really though, I caught the plague, which is why I have been completely slacking on getting up some new posts. For days I have felt like this …


Steven Meisel for Vogue

You’d think being sick on the couch would make for the perfect blogging conditions, but my brain wouldn’t even allow me to form a proper sentence, so I decided to put it off. Even though my head is pounding and I’m still a snot monster, I’m feeling a bit more chipper today, so planning to head home and get back on the blogging wagon. Must have been the whiskey and Jameson I had for St. Patrick’s day yesterday that cured me.

And I even got to wear a green top that my mom made as a wee 20-something lass, so not a total fashion fail weekend:


Ok so that’s that. No more sick girl.


You can buy the white snapback if you really want it … but I’m jonesing for that gold chain myself.

See ya again later tonight,

xoxo, Lou