Never Shop Sober

God DAMNIT! How many of us know I suffer from buyer’s anxiety? Well if you don’t know, now you know.

I think this is obviously a direct result of all my years being a broke ass college student and all the subsequent debt I’ve accrued. These days I’m afraid to buy anything unless it’s wrapped in a tortilla or comes served in a bar glass. Which is why I still look to my sister for hand-me-downs and strive to be a better thrifter and constantly look at my sewing machine and lament the fact that I still have not mastered its capabilities.

But I think I found a cure to this shopping induced stress … find something that stresses me out more.

I got a new job. Yay! It pays me more money. Yay! I’m hella fucking stressed out about the change and the newness and the unknown and so last night it was easy – too easy – for me to drop $100 on clothes I don’t really need all while DEAD SOBER.

Every time I wear the below dress, shoes, or pants … I am going to think of fear and nothing else. Haha ok so probably not, but dang. Is this a step forward or a step back? I can’t tell.



JuJu Jellies

In my defense I have been thinking about buying these for months! I keep seeing them on my Instagram feed and admire them and blah blah and I’ve seen them sell for $60 and I think I bought these for $50 and low and behold that $10 off was all I needed to feel completely and finally justified in making my purchase.

Very tempted to follow these up with JuJu Petra  in bronze and JuJu Vicky in green or pink or something. Will hold off for next wave of anxiety to hit.

Um, this 90’s dress.



Whatever. It was on sale and has a really cute zipper up the back. Daisies. I can’t believe I bought something covered in daisies.

Oh and then I got some really cute high-waisted skinny jeans that I just now read about while searching for a snapshot. Apparently they run very small … so I probably botched that purchase. Obviously! The entire thing might be botched. I might be sending it all back. Probably not, but point is, the takeaway here is that had I had booze, I probably would not have paid for this stuff.

Never shop sober. Got it.

xoxo, Lou

Break for: Portland Steez

It’s Jordan. She’s my style muse again. Whether it looks like she just woke up behind a couch the morning after her own house party(see here) or whether she’s all pretty pretty to get drunk with me … she looks fucking adorable. And oh so very Portland.


Later on, we’re going to a party where her ex-boyfriend will be, which means when I snap her picture tonight, she’s going to look like a hot hussy! Can’t wait.

Happy Friday everyone!

xoxo, Lou

Fair Steez

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my own steez. And I don’t really have a great exampe, besides the dress/sandal combo I donned for my trip to the Oregon State Fair last weekend.

I wore one of my favorite simple black dresses. It’s sort of canvas-like fabric and the buttons up the front, while adorable, are also very dangerous. Accidental flashings are not unheard of and for an event that revolves around eating and achieving an expanded mid-section, well, let’s just say I could have picked better, but was also still pretty damn comfy all day.

My feet were filthy by the end of the day, but somehow I managed a nice balance of all blacks and browns, which I eventually very happily tipped in favor of this magical beast of color:

The dudes making these airbrushed shirts looked straight outta East LA. I was obsessed. My fella was into it as well. He said I couldn’t, no way in hell, post a picture of him wearing it on my instagram, but he said nothing about my blog. And anyway, he looks fucking cute. Can’t wait to take this puppy for a spin at the bar this weekend.

So, that’s my latest fashion find. At as unexpected a location as I could imagine. I guess the lesson here is, you never know where you’ll find fresh new fashion!

I’ll be getting internet on the home front FINALLY today, so expect more regular posts from here on out. I got some good things in the works.

xoxo, Lou